Royalty Claims

The Copyright Royalty Board offers online filing of (and printable forms for) claims to cable, satellite, and digital audio recording devices and media (DART) royalty fees.

DART claims are filed during January and February each year. Cable and satellite claims are filed during July.

File using eCRB System - starting July 2017

Attention filers of JOINT claims in eCRB: The eCRB joint claim forms have a minor error in that they ask for the name of copyright owners whenever the filer is required to attach a list of joint claimants. The CRB regulations (37 CFR 360.4(b)(2)(i)) require that such filers provide the full legal name, address and email address for each joint claimant on the list, not just the name. Claims without the additional information may be rejected. The form will be corrected soon.

Introduction to Online Claims Filing Using eCRB

Printable Forms:

Cable Satellite DART



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